About us

Located on the island St. Klement, near antique and charming Hvar town, restaurant Zori has a 65 years long and consistent tradition in creating heavenly food coupled with exceptional guest experience.

Not only you have an opportunity to taste remarkable dishes flavoured with finest wine collection but you can also enjoy incredible view gazing in the beauty of the seaside nature. Prepare your senses to an exclusive experience and let us spoil you a bit with outstanding service and wide array of flavours layered with astonishing view over turquoise Adriatic sea.

While you are gently approaching with a breezing and short boat ride from Hvar, this hidden Adriatic gem made of sun-bleached stone, over well known crystal-clear waters slowly appears in front of your eyes. The Vinogradisce Lagoon of vibrant green Palmizana hugs you with relaxation and outstanding smells of Mediterranean cuisine. After a long beach day, sunbathing and enjoying our beautiful sea you are finally ready for gastronomic wonders that await you at Zori.

This family-owned and run restaurant has gained a prestigious and regular clientele from all over the world and for a very good reason. Traditionally known for extraordinary dishes made with passion and affection, beautiful scenery and most importantly professional service paying attention to the tiniest detail so that you can experience a true slice of perfection. We are more than excited to share with you only the finest from land and the sea.

With all this in mind you quickly get to know key ingredients of our 65 years long success; firstly delicious and beautifully presented food, highly skilled and professional yet friendly service, relaxed and casually sophisticated ambiance all gathered on unique, breathtaking lagoon location.