Fine dining overlooking the sea

Fine dining overlooking the sea

Unforgettable gourmet experiences

Once you tried Mediterranean cuisine you’ll practically beg for more of its tasty paradise. Our menu consists of top-quality ingredients, fresh sustainable produce, organic meat specialties, local fish mixed with seafood in general and delicious desserts that will exceed your highest expectations.

Organic meat specialties are sourced from much recognized and multiple award-winning organic farm in UK known as Rhua Estate. Owner of the farm, Lord Newborough, was awarded in 2018., the Royal Warrant by HRH Prince Charles. We are more than proud to collaborate with such an amazing and impressive supplier whose meat is on the menu of more than 20 Michelin starred restaurants. Exclusively, Zori is the only restaurant in Croatia that servers this specific organic meat along with aberdeen angus beef, lamb, bison meat and chicken. The choice may be hard, but luckily there is no wrong one! 

Adriatic sea is well known for its sensational quality fish and other seafood in general. Fresh daily catch, delicious scampi and many others Dalmatian specialties will make you remember this amazing island by its taste. A true taste of fresh seafood at its finest will make you came back every time. 

When you think to yourself ‘It just doesn’t get any better than this’ there comes the dessert! Treat yourself with outstanding chocolate soufflé or refreshing Hvar’s bitter orange and lemon tart. While being on this magical place surrounded with beautiful turquoise, clear sea and greenery of an island you have to try signature Semifreddo dish composed of roasted almonds, lavender and Prošek.

Traditional cooking practices with a contemporary creativity twist are the key features of the Mediterranean cuisine of memorable owner and chef Iva Tomlinovic, together with the talented, upcoming chef Siniša Jevremović. Refined, minimalist presentation of each dish makes every plate a masterpiece. Her meticulously thought-out and deeply inspired creations offer to the sight and taste a colorful and delicious palette of flavours that are rendered delectably unforgettable by original touches and contrasts. We bring creative reinterpretations of classic, traditional Dalmatian dishes to the table, where only the highest quality ingredients from throughout Croatia are combined perfectly with local organic produce.

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