Zori Timeless Residences

Zori Timeless Residences

Infinity Residence 2
Where time stops and your senses awaken


Zori Timeless Residences are thoughtfully and specifically designed for your utmost comfort and relaxation. Named Infinity, Cloud, Eternity and Horizon, each of them is your own little sanctuary where you can slow down and unwind, relax and disconnect from your everyday life and connect with yourself and nature. Situated in the midst of the most beautiful nature and with turquoise sea in front, they provide a much needed escape from routine. A visit to Zori Restaurant becomes not a onetime deal, but an everyday gourmet pleasure. Designer furniture and selected luxury details, make every Villa unique and soulful.

The residences are a superb blend of luxury and minimalism, a little piece of paradise directly on the waterfront. Each of them has their own swimming pool and/or a jacuzzi and a spacious living area. Inside and outside area blend into one and create a fluid, comfortable suite where you can lounge, chill, relax and sunbathe on your private terrace or swim in one of your own pools.

The residences are a product of our untamed desire to renew the Zori tradition of accommodation rental. We set the bar really high and worked with some amazing architects and designers who believed and were in line with our vision and we know you will love the result.

Our Zori team will provide you with daily activities depending on your preferences, such as touring the island in a luxury speedboat, tailor-made sports activities, cultural tours and many others.

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