Chef Siniša Jevrosimov

Chef Siniša Jevrosimov

An enthusiastic, versatile professional dedicated to innovation and excellence

Siniša Jevrosimov is a young and versatile executive chef with impressive experience. His professional career began in Croatia, at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, followed by two years on different positions at the Bokeria restaurant in Split. Due to his astounding thirst for knowledge and experimenting, Siniša spent a few years learning from and working as sous chef alongside some of the best chefs in various restaurants in Copenhagen and Prague. In the last two years he also did internships at the renowned Disfrutar Restaurant in Barcelona and at Osteria Francescana in Modena, run by the famous chef Massimo Bottura. All of these experiences and amazing people he worked with, inspired chef Siniša to continue to experiment and thrive for excellence in every step of the cooking process.  

In 2021 Siniša joined our Zori Timeless team as the executive chef. He is the epitome of a person who passionately enjoys his calling and whose enthusiasm is highly contagious. Meticulous, persistent and patient, he is always there to share his knowledge and ideas with his team. But more than that, he is always happy to talk to gourmet enthusiast who are interested to find out more about the delicious dishes we bring to their tables. After talking to chef Siniša, you will develop a new appreciation for food and enjoy your meal even more.

Besides the opportunity to focus solely on cooking, to collaborate closely with his team and bring his innovative ideas to life, one of the things he really enjoys at Zori Timeless is planting and growing his own herbs. One of his favourite sayings is “always taste”, always try the food in every step of the process and he is adamant about bringing every dish to perfection.

He loves to explore all available local and organic produce from the Adriatic Sea, nearby islands and wider Dalmatian area and he uses them as the foundation of every dish. By using different cooking techniques such as the traditional “gradele”, popular fermentation or modern ones such as spherification, he develops interesting, new flavour combinations and reinterprets traditional recipes to bring out the best of every ingredient. On our menu you will discover a wide range of exciting and delicious appetisers like strawberry gazpacho, semi-cured sashimi, calamari ry tempura, watermelon and ricotta salad, and many more.

Our meat, fish and vegetarian main courses will satisfy even the most demanding of palates.

And to make the overall experience complete and unforgettable, we will surprise and delight you with one of our exceptional desserts such as our reinterpretation of classic Pavlova but with nectarine, chocolate sensations, refreshing sorbet and our signature dessert with figs, honey and lavender.

Alongside the owner and chef Iva Tomlinović who set the exceptionally high standards of Zori cuisine, he aims to make all the dishes on Zori menu even tastier, more complete and more interesting every year. Zori Timeless cuisine is in its essence a modern Mediterranean cuisine, a thoroughly elaborated blend of different styles of cooking techniques and flavour pairings. Combined with the exceptional service of our Zori staff and the beauty of natural surroundings, at Zori you will truly experience a timeless fine dining experience.

We would like to leave you with a message from chef Siniša Jevrosimov, which is also at the core of our entire Zori Timeless philosophy and that is to “Slow down and take your time. Relax and be open to try new flavours. Our staff is here to assist you and make sure you have a truly memorable dining experience. Enjoy your stay at Zori Timeless.”   

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